LSLV0550 H100 – 4 COND اینورتر مدل H100

LSLV0550 H100 – 4 COND اینورتر مدل H100

It is easy to change a cooling fan
without opening the cover of a drive
Keypad Exclusive for HVAC
Used to issue commands, configure drive parameters, and for monitoring drive status
· HAND mode(Local, Control, Mode) or AUTO Mode (Remote Control Mode) can be selected.
– HAND Mode : Used when selecting frequency or run/stop commands.
– AUTO Mode : Drive operated using the keypad. multifunctional terminal block and communic
· Fault Status Monitoring
Specification Level Option (Conduit Kit)
Acquired UL open type & enclosed type 1 certification
· When the conduit option is used, the drive meets UL Enclosed Type 1 specifications
Flange Type
If the space is too small, a heat sink can be installed outside the panel

DC Reactor

A built-in DC Reactor effective to improve power factor and reduce THD is installed.
· DC Reactor built-in as standard for 400V 37-90kW
Builit-in EMC Filter
A built-in EMC fiter to respond to the specifications for noise reduction
· ۴۰۰V 0.75~30kW Built-in as default (C3)
· ۴۰۰V 37~55kW Built-in option can be selected (C3)
※ ۷۵~۹۰kW satisfies EMC specifications even without a filter.
Global Specifications Compliant
UL Plenum Rated
(American standards for conditioner fire safety)
※ suitable for installation in a Compartment Handing onditioned Air

منوال اینورتر H100

کاتالوگ اینورتر H100

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