Leader in Electrics & Automation
Automation Equipment
Leader in Industrial Electric Power and
Automation creating environment-friendly and
highly productive industrial society as
Total-solution provider
LS Industrial Systems (LSIS), founded in 1974, as a leader in Korean
industrial electric power and automation market is trying to be a global
leader. LSIS will fulfill its mission providing total-solution as a
forerunner of creating environment-friendly and productive industrial
future society.
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سری اختصاصی GLOFA GM7U رقیبی جدی برای S7-1200 SIEMENS
Digital I/O 7 types, Analog I/O 9 types, Communication I/F 6 types, Option module 2 types
0.1 ~ 0.9㎲/Basic instruction
Loader: 1CH, Built-in RS-485: 1CHBuilt-in RS-232C or communication I/F: 1CH
Various mode: Dedicated / User-defined /MODBUS / No protocol / LG Inverter mode
High speed counter function (32bits)- 1 phase: 100kHz 2CH, 20kHz 2CH (4CH in total) – 2 phase: 50kHz 1CH, 10kHz 1CH (2CH in total
Positioning function: DRT type only- Control axis: 2 axes (100kHz)- Position/Speed/Synchronous operation
Pulse catch, External lnterrupt: 10㎲ 2 points, 50㎲ 6 points
Input filter: 0~1000ms
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